Episode 11

Caveman Secrets: Foraging, Nature, and Rituals for Better Health with Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen, Ph.D.

In this week’s episode we talk with Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen, Ph.D. Chemist to talk about the miraculous science of the natural world all around us. We learn all about “caveman living” that can introduce better health and wellbeing in modern times, and discuss foraging, plant chemistry, and the powerful effects of ritual.

Time Stamps

01:26 - Merriwether’s Family History of Foraging for Survival in the Great Depression

08:13 - Exploring Food System Fragility in Cities

10:59 - How to Start Identifying Edible Plants

15:07 - The Miraculous, Fascinating Science of Plants

23:13 - The Paradox of Nature: Chaos and Uniformity

27:55 - The Power of Rituals and Opportunities for Healing

30:32 - Key Nutrients We're Missing In Modern Times

33:50 - Plants and Pharmaceuticals: Is One "Better"?

36:00 - Reintroduce These “Caveman” Activities for Better Health

44:01 - How We Evolved Enhanced Immune Systems in Nature

46:04 - Is Life Now "Better" Than Before?

51:43 - What Would It Take to Be Self-Sustaining Today?

About Mark “Merriwether" Vorderbruggen, Ph.D. Chemist

Mark "Merriwether" Vorderbruggen, Ph.D. is often described as a scientist raised by wolves. Having a M.S. in medicinal chemistry and a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry, he brings science into the world of wild edible and medicinal plants. On the science side he has sixteen patents and numerous articles in research journals from his career as a research chemist. But his true love is plants and the miracles they contain. Since 2008 his website www.foragingtexas.com has been one of the top wild edible/medicinal plant sites on the internet, and he has written the acclaimed plant book Idiot's Guide Foraging and Outdoor Adventures Guide Foraging. In 2020 he made the biggest leap of his life to become the medicine man for Medicine Man Plant Co. where he can finally bring forth the ancient plants that can still help with modern issues. 

About Geri Paige Butner

Geri is a leader in the art of personal freedom, working to create powerful catalysts for individual change and transformation. She serves through her work as a freedom-focused entrepreneur, speaker, coach and highly curious being who has learned that when we follow our curiosity, we're led to what lights us up and propels us forward. Geri is the creator of The Business Firestarter and The Liberated Life programs, where she guides people on their journey to create a life and work they love. 

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